Procter & Gamble has launched an ad campaign for its Pantene hair care brand targeted at African-American women, according to a report published by the Cincinnati Business Courier.

“There is still a level of inequality in how African-American hair is represented in popular culture and in mainstream hair care advertising,” said P&G in a statement on the new campaign. “Mass brands, like Pantene, have inadvertently been a part of this pervasive hair bias with a history of advertising showcasing a limited representation of African-American hairstyles and textures and promoting long, shiny, smooth hair as the pinnacle of hair health and beauty. Pantene has set out to change this perception and empower all women to embrace their strong and unique hair because all strong hair is beautiful hair.”

The campaign centers around P&G’s latest launch, the Pantene Gold Series, its first hair care collection to be co-created with African-American scientists, and developed for relaxed, natural and transitioning hair.


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