The latest trend to hit the cosmetics scene in Japan is products that purport to block infrared rays, according to a report published by The Japan Times. While UV light is an established cause of aging, infrared is now being touted as the next enemy to a youthful complexion.

Both Shiseido and Pola Orbis have seen sales soar for skin care solutions that claim to offer protection from the potentially ageing rays. Sales of Shiseido’s Benefique Deep Block Essence are up by half since its reformulation to include protection from infrared, while Pola Orbis launched a rival treatment in March, shifting 155,000 tubes by July, some 10,000 units above the target set for the year-end.

Glasses retailer Aigan Co has jumped on the bandwagon too, offering to add infrared resistance to lenses for an additional fee, while Daihatsu Motor Co has ushered in windshields to cut ultraviolet and infrared rays across its fleet.