Reprogrammed yeast: the next big thing in beauty?

Reprogrammed yeast: the next big thing in beauty?

Yeast molecules could replace petrochemicals in our beauty products, according to a report by the European Commission published on the Euronews website.

Per the article, gene editing technologies could help to replace petrochemicals with biomolecules produced by modified yeast cells.  Researchers at the Delft University of Technology are using an editing process called CRISPR, which inserts genes from plants or bacteria into yeast to reprogram its genetic make-up and therefore alter how the cell factories function. The end-product could have application as a fragrance of flavour component for perfumes and / or make-up.

“We edited the DNA, and we’ve added among others one gene from a plant. And because of that it now also really smells like roses,” Researcher Jasmijn Hassing told Euronews.

Once the CHASSY project has succeeded in producing yeast strains that are strong enough to survive industrial processing, the technology will be released to European companies to bring them to market to test on a pilot scale.

The bio-based method could speed up product development tenfold, with innovations taking a fraction of time to bring to market, says Euronews. The novel ingredient also boasts a sustainability advantage over its petrochemical-based equivalent.

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