Revlon has altered the strapline for its Almay makeup range from ‘Simply American’ to ‘The American Look’ after coming under fire for advertising that its products were made in America.

The rebranding appears to be a direct result of a deceptive advertising complaint filed six weeks ago by US advertising watchdog, Truth in Advertising (

Having carried out an investigation, the group filed a complaint with state and federal regulators stating that more than 95 percent of Revlon’s Almay line of cosmetics sold on its website failed to meet the legal standard for the ‘made in the USA’ claim implied by the slogan, ‘Almay Simply American’ coupled with the patriotic nature of the brand’s marketing campaign. 

Revlon denied that its campaign was deceptive, yet made changes to its online branding on July 1.

Bonnie Patten,’s executive director, commented, “Revlon has done the right thing in changing its Almay slogan, and in so doing it clearly shows that Revlon came to understand that consumers could be deceived with its Almay Simply American marketing campaign.”