Phytonutrients, a brand incubated by L’Oréal, is switching up its retail strategy from online only to bricks and mortar on the West Coast thanks to a deal with the Pharmaca chain, which specialises in natural beauty brands, according to a report published by Glossy.

The brand, which is currently available via its own e-commerce site, Amazon in Brooklyn’s Shen Beauty store and on, will hit shelves in 28 Pharmaca doors on the West Coast of America.

“We just launched a few months ago and our goal is to be highly digital but we want to balance that with partnerships among key brick-and-mortar retailers that support our mission,” Founder Shane Wold told Glossy.

“It’s an omni-channel approach to reach the consumer who loves natural products,” Wolf continued. “It’s not necessarily about what channel it is or how she finds us but where she would be.”