Japanese beauty giant Shiseido has been announced as the new partner of the 12th edition of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting. 

The women’s forum is a scheme that brings together participants every year to build a future based on a woman’s vision, and encourages contributions from women across the business world including CEOs, authors, artists, research workers, journalists and women in politics. 

As its partner, Shiseido helps the forum to continue and is reestablishing its commitment to women’s causes. 


Louis Desazars, President and CEO Shiseido Group EMEA, “Inside a company mostly feminine with 79% of women, I’ve made the choice of a representative and equal executive board, and surrounded myself by as many women as men in those high leading functions.For instance I have, for that matter, chosen Nathalie Helloin Kamel to lead the general management of the Fragrance Center of Excellence that is to make of Shiseido Group a major prestige player in the worldwide perfume sector.”


Shiseido will attend the Women’s Forum Global Meeting and will be present in a dedicated space with activities related to the brand. Shiseido Group EMEA President will be the host of the CEO Champion initiative.