Japanese powerhouse Shiseido has announced the recipients of the 10th Shiseido Female Researcher Science Grant at the grand award ceremony.

Corporate Executive Officer and Chief Research and Development Officer, Mr. Yoichi Shimatani, awarded a grant of one million yen to 10 recipients including Ms. Natsumi Ageta-Ishihara, a lecturer at Nagoya University.

The grant, launched in 2007, is said to support female researchers with leadership aspirations, and to create a work environment where women can pursue their research goals.

Shimatani said, “Slowly but surely, the grant’s purpose of supporting female researchers who are aiming to be leaders is being achieved.”

Meanwhile Ageta-Ishihara spoke on behalf of her fellow recipients and said, “It is a great pleasure for me to earn the award. The reason why I continued to apply for the grant was I agreed with the aim of the grant, which is to support women who aim to hold a leadership position.
“It has always been my goal to become a leading researcher. I thought the grant was a stepping stone to promotion.” Ms. Ageta-Ishihara shared her enthusiasm in continuing her research with the help of the grant: “I would like to utilize the grant and set an example for students by taking my research to a new level.”

In order to widen the range of applicants going forward, Shiseido has expanded research areas to include all natural science research. Funds from the grant can go towards childcare to allow recipients to conduct their research regardless of ‘life stage.’