The theme of this year’s Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, due to be held in São Paulo on 28-30 September, will be the growing links between the food and cosmetics industries.

The event, which is comprised of four seminars and a technical workshop, will explore the widespread trend among cosmetics manufacturers to look to the food industry for inspiration. 

Seminars will examine the widespread use of food ingredients in cosmetic formulations, as well as the use of such materials as the starting point for cosmetic ingredients. The potential of nutri-cosmetics in Latin America, superfoods for beauty, novel food actives, and skin nutrition will also be covered.

Speakers include Judi Beerling, Technical Research Manager at London-based market research firm Organic Monitor, who will discuss the ways in which cosmetics brands can create stable aesthetic formulations using food-grade materials.

Dr Anita Pissolito from the US cooperative Natural Plant Products will hold a seminar focusing on green issues, exploring the sustainability of agricultural and food materials such as palm oil. Pissolito will give an update on Brazilian biodiversity regulations and their implications to cosmetic and ingredient firms.

Virginie Milosevic, General Manager of Caudalie Brazil, will explore marketing practices, drawing upon her company’s experiences in bringing vine-based cosmetics to the Latin American market.