TerraCycle has announced a ground-breaking reusables service that it has dreamt up together with some of the world’s largest FMCG manufacturers, including Procter & Gamble, Beiersdorf, Unilever, The Clorox Company, The Body Shop and BIC.

Loop, as the service will be known, is a global shopping system and reuse model that will deliver products in refillable packaging and then, once consumed, collect, clean and reuse the empties.

“Through Loop, consumers can now responsibly consume products in specially-designed durable, reusable or fully recyclable packaging made from materials like alloys, glass and engineered plastics. When a consumer returns the packaging, it is refilled or the content is reused or recycled through ground-breaking technology,” said Tom Szaky CEO at TerraCycle, per Let’s Recycle.

Pilot schemes are due to launch in spring in France and parts of the US, with a UK trial slated for September. Interested shoppers are being invited to sign up via Loop’s website.