The Body Shop has announced that it has teamed up with digital growth company Urban Airship to launch a mobile wallet pass to boost engagement for its Forever Against Animal Testing Campaign.

The pass can be added to the user’s device after signing the petition, and will contain updates on the campaign and the latest signature counts. The pass can be shared on social media, with a link directing the user’s friends to the petition.

“Mobile wallet offers us the perfect vehicle to spread the word and grow support for our efforts to end cosmetic animal testing globally once and for all,” said Harriet Williams, Chief Digital Officer, The Body Shop. “The ease of creating, distributing and updating mobile wallet passes, combined with the high rate of social sharing will help finish what The Body Shop started when we began campaigning against animal testing in the 1980s.”  

An Urban Airship study revealed that of one million Apple Wallet coupons and loyalty cards from major brands, more than 75 percent of those installed were activated as a result of sharing rather than being distributed through the brand’s channels. On average, Apple Wallet coupons are added to 4.3 other devices, and The Body Shop is expecting to better this with its cause-related campaign.