Classic US brand Arm & Hammer aired the first phase of its reinvention at the weekend during the Super Bowl, according to a report published by Campaign.

The Church & Dwight owned brand is hoping to reinvent its message for the next generation of consumers and, to that end, drafted in media agency Via to create a more ‘culturally relevant’ voice.

“We are stewards of this brand, and we wanted to make sure it passes onto the next generation,” Britta Bomhard, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Church & Dwight told Campaign. “We want to celebrate our consumers – we wouldn’t have this history of success if we didn’t have the people who loved the brand.”

The campaign is designed to celebrate consumer involvement in the brand, such as the novel uses they’ve invented for Arm & Hammer’s baking soda beyond its intended purpose. The brand has adopted a new tagline ‘More Power To You’, designed to celebrate and encourage consumer participation and creativity.