Uganda creates four standards to promote shea nut exports

Uganda creates four standards to promote shea nut exports

Uganda has created four new standards to promote shea nut exports in a bid to boost economy in the country.

The new standards will be used at the local, regional and international markets and have been created by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards and Uganda Export Promotions Board (UEPB). These include pure shea nut butter cosmetics (DUS 1931:2017), lip balm (DUS 1932: 2017); lip shine (DUS 1933: 2017) and after shave (DUS 1934:2017).

Speaking in an interview with Prosper Magazine, Elly Twineyo, UEPB’s executive director, stated, “The Shea nut tree is important to humans and animals for both environmental protection and economic benefits. Its oil extracts from its nuts have several nutritional and health benefits.”

With shea nut collection being a key source of income, Twineyo went on to state the country is improving the quality of the product while also connecting processors and exporters to foreign buyers globally to facilitate better exportation.

A shea nut strategy, supported by the ministry of Agriculture, Trade, private sector and local governments, is expected to launch this month.

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