UK skincare research start up Hexis Lab gains six figure investment

UK skincare research start up Hexis Lab gains six figure investment

Newcastle-based skincare research start up Hexis Lab has received a £120k investment from Northstar Ventures as the company aims to offer its services to larger companies.

With a focus on skincare R&D using natural ingredients and targeting various skin types and ethnicity, the company is thought to be using the investment to grow its business and target major cosmetic companies.

In a bid to find solutions for anti-ageing, skin repair and protection, Hexis Lab uses data mining alongside machine learning technology with a focus on global skin types. The R&D works as a consultant relationship between Hexislab and advisors.

According to Dr Olusola Idowu, Founder of Hexis Lab, “Our product pipeline has been the result of years of R&D in collaboration with Newcastle University. Our compounds have been carefully selected through in-silico (computer generated) lead identification processes, which are then validated in relevant experiments conducted on living skin cells.
“We’re now looking to develop products for a range of clients in the high-end consumer market, including skincare clinics, spas, dermatology clinics and cosmetic companies.“

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