Edgewell Personal Care has issued a statement in response to the lawsuit launched by Procter & Gamble over Edgewell’s Schick Hydro Connect 5 razor blades.

The strongly worded statement claims the lawsuit is ‘meritless’, with Edgewell contending that it is merely offering consumers choice and value.

“As a challenger company, we constantly strive to bring solutions, value and choice to consumers. We are offering refills which fit Gillette Fusion handles via schickhydro.com. These refills offer consumers a great shave and a great value. It isn’t surprising that Gillette is doing whatever it can to stop us,” said the company.

“As innovators ourselves, we have numerous patents, and take intellectual property very seriously. However, P&G’s allegations in this instance are meritless. P&G has a history of using litigation in the face of competition. We have a long track record of successfully defending our innovation against similar tactics. We will vigorously defend ourselves against these unfounded claims.”