Unilever has announced that it has resumed sourcing palm oil from IOI following the RSPO’s decision to lift the supplier’s suspension.

“We are pleased to see the progress IOI has made so far, in particular, on third party suppliers, independent verifications and increased transparency,” said Unilever in a statement.

“We will continue to monitor progress to ensure improvements continue. We strongly believe that it is only through close collaboration with all stakeholders that we can continue to drive change in the industry and make sustainable palm oil commonplace.”

The RSPO lifted IOI Group’s suspension on August 5, effective August 8. On August 15, Unilever issued a statement revealing that it would not resume sourcing palm oil from the supplier until tangible progress was seen and implementation of its dedicated action plan was well under way. With this latest announcement, it appears that the Anglo-Dutch FMCG supplier is now satisfied.