Sales of organic products in the US jumped by 11 percent last year, according to a report by the Organic Trade Association.

The report found that organic produce accounted for nearly 5 percent of total food sales in the US, with sales of all organic products reaching US$39bn last year.

A large proportion of the market’s growth was fuelled by demand for nonfood products such as personal care items and textiles. The market for such products grew by 14 percent last year, totaling more than US$3bn, the report reveals.

Popularity of organic products varies across the country, with the strongest sales occurring in the Northeast and on the West Coast, the report shows. Organic products were also shown to be more popular among white consumers, who account for 73 percent of buyers, compared to 16 percent Hispanic and 14 percent black.

The market for organic produce has grown steadily since the US Agriculture Department introduced strict certification rules in 2002.