Venn Life Sciences, the developer of a research grade human skin equivalent, has secured its first sale to a cosmetics, personal care and chemicals testing group in Michigan.

InnoVenn, Venn Life Sciences’ skin science division, recently launched a more marketable version of its human skin equivalent- 12 well-plate version of Labskin, which facilitates more complex studies at a lower price than the existing 6 well-plate version.

Labskin offers an alternative to animal testing for the drugs and cosmetics industry. The name of the company which has placed its first order for Labskin has not been revealed.

Tony Richardson, Venn Chief Executive, commented, “This expansion of InnoVenn’s product line illustrates that this part of the business is growing independently of the CRO business, which is our strategic plan, allowing InnoVenn to be well positioned to deliver on the full potential of its technology portfolio.”