North Korea has opened up a cosmetics factory in Pyongyang to the wider world, via the media, for the first time, according to a report published by Global Times.

The high-tech facility produces North Korea’s well known Unhasu brand, among others, and has been charged – by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, no less – with producing the ‘world’s best cosmetics’.

To that end, the R&D team analysed samples from the world’s best brands, including Chanel, and developed its products on the back of its findings.

“We developed our own products on the basis of the analysis. As you can see, our products have caught up with or even surpassed these international brands in terms of nutrition constituents,” Chief Engineer Lee Seon-hee told the Global Times.

Having upped production six-fold to meet local demand, the facility is now primed to fulfil international orders, with the first hailing from Russia, per the Global Times.